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Mission Statement

nu day jewelry co. was founded in hopes to provide a new approach to the jewelry industry. Living personal lives of giving was not enough, we also wanted to run a company where giving back was a significant part our every day actions.

We aim to build our company via word of mouth and by partnering with non-profit organizations and charities through cause marketing and giving. Avoiding expensive store fronts and large advertising budgets, we can offer our customers great value while affording   our   affiliate   partners fund raising programs. Every time you purchase from nu day jewelry, you are making a difference in tomorrow’s nu day.

In closing, our customers are our friends and we pride ourselves on providing tremendous value, ease and fun to your shopping experience. For example, we sell our engagement rings complete with a hand picked center to remove any first time intimidation, guessing or hidden costs.

Make it a nu day!

Fun Facts

Our Name:

We named our company, nu day jewelry co. because we wanted to inspire hope, celebrate joy and live each day urgently. Each nu day is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. We encourage everyone to live in the moment of their nu day. If you had a tough day today, remember, tomorrow will be a nu day!

Our Logo:

We had fun designing a logo that would represent three things at one time. We wanted a bright, bold and happy logo. Do you see the sun in our logo? Do you also see a representation of a round center diamond in our logo? Finally, making our world better will take a team effort. We hope you caught a team of people holding up their arms together. Finally, we used lower case lettering in hopes our company would be approachable for everyone.